BU’s BosTones Grab Second Prize at 2oth Annual A Cappella Competition

BOSTON, MA-  Things ended on a high note for Boston University’s A cappella group, The BosTones, after they placed second in the 20th Annual A Cappella competition held at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace last weekend.

Beginning with a crowd pleaser, Beyonce’s 2006 hit “Deja Vu,” the group then sang “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”  by Lauryn Hill and ended their set with Sia’s “Move Your Body.”

“Their energy was amazing” said Lyndsey Bianco, an audience member, “I think they were the best.”

The group had previously placed first at the 2016 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Northeast Semifinal. “This is our first competition after ICCA finals so it feels amazing to know that we are still at the same competitive level that we were last semester” said member Blake Hina.

The BosTones were second to Northeastern University’s The Nor’Easters. The post-collegiate Christian A Cappella group, Boston Found, placed third.




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